Professional Support

Care for peers, professional support

Schools are places for educating people. Teachers should, with a sincere and caring attitude, provide care and support in all aspects according to the needs of students, so that students can grow up in love and affect their lives with their lives. Through cross-professional collaborative support, our school provides appropriate methods to appreciate students' abilities from different perspectives, and through different activities, students can recognize and respect individual differences, and induce students to understand themselves, discover their strengths, and accept their own shortcomings. Learn from each other's strengths, understand their own value, enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem, learn to cherish themselves, and feel that the teacher is a learning partner.

1. Support for student growth

In order to provide appropriate support to students with different needs more effectively. The primary school department of our school has established a three-tier student support structure, permanent school social workers, educational psychologists and speech therapists, making good use of different resources, and through inter-professional collaboration, supporting the various needs of students in terms of growth, and further optimize the support for students work. In addition, Occupational Therapists from the Society of Remedial Education are also arranged to provide individual treatment for students with behavioral problems, to help students and teachers perceive their sensory needs, reduce classroom behavioral problems, and improve the situation for all staff and students.


2. School Partnership Program and Professional Support Team

Our school has set up a "School Partnership Program and Professional Support Team". The second in the school partnership program. In the supporting the teachers, the learning and adaptation of the students will be followed up on individually, and support will be provided in terms of learning and emotional behavior. Appropriate counseling allows them to integrate into the new campus life.


In addition, our school provides different professional sharing for various professional fields and skills, for example, in the aspect of discipline training skills.  There are "Classroom Conflict Skills and Management" and "From Discipline to Positivity", etc.; Teaching Adaptation for Learning Disabilities” and “STEM Teaching Sharing – Mini 4WD” etc.; Aspects include "positive parent-child education" and "listen to "invisible" voices (parent-child communication/relationship)", etc.  We hope to share professional opinions and exchanges with stakeholders through professional support.

3. Special Center Pilot Project

This school year, our school has participated in the Pilot Project of a Special Center to provide specialized and intensive psychological and social adaptation skills training for autistic students with severe adjustment difficulties, and a new room has been set up for autistic students in need.